Zylofone Presents…Ukulele Time

  • Learn how to play the Ukulele within a group setting with Zylofone. 
  • All will be lent a Ukulele of their own to use, play and become familiar with.
  • Learn different elements of music (ex: time/note value, rhythm, chords, etc..)
  • Learn how to properly care for and maintain the quality of an instrument, regimented/ scheduled practice and class time, learning to perform within a group setting, and increasing everyday ADL’s
  • Learn a number (~5) of entry level songs to perform at the end of the semester period
    (6 WKS) for families/friends/loved ones.

This workshop will be a 6 week semester course. This will allow a break, and room to grow moving forward (if interest continues).

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Ukulele time