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LIABILITY WAIVER: By checking this box you agree to the following: I realize that any program, such as ZYLOFONE’s Performing Arts Programs, which involves movement can result in physical injury. I release ZYLOFONE, its owners, instructors and staff from all liability for injury to my child from participation in this program. I permit my child to participate. PROGRAM CHANGES: ZYLOFONE reserves the right to make changes in programs, schedules, instructors, and to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment. ZYLOFONE also reserves the right to refuse and or cancel the registration of a disruptive student. I understand that Tuition for classes are non-refundable. I have read, understand and agree to ZYLOFONE’s Policies as explained.

Appearance Release: By clicking this box you agree to the following: I hereby give my permission for the person(s) named below to participate in an agency-sponsored event that includes interviews and photographs that may be used for promotional use such as newsletters, other print media and recordings. This participation may also include videotapes and broadcasts. By nature of the photography required, I understand that person’s faces and / or full frontal views may be clearly visible and recognizable. I agree that you may use these photographs and tapes for the above outlined purposes(s). I waive any and all claims or demands which I may have now or in the future regarding production, distribution and use of these photographs / tapes in this project by any authorized agent of Zylofone Studios, Inc.

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