A message from our Founder

We see music as a universal language that engages individuals of all cognitive and physical abilities. Therefore, all of our workshops and programs incorporate music as the key baseline component. Beyond that, our goal is to provide a fun and joyful experience by incorporating an array of items that encourage the attendee to explore the options available to individualize their experience.
Our trained and experienced staff provides an encouraging and supportive setting. This promotes the participant to make decisions and expand their horizons beyond perceived and restrictive boundaries, from themselves and others. Whether the song/artist selection for karaoke or the color for the painting, we present the options and praise the selections. The result is a gained confidence, comfort and degree of pride. All are well deserved.
We welcome individuals and family members of all ages with an array of skills, abilities and challenges. Our inclusive format is always appreciated and well received. We offer families the opportunity to have siblings, both challenged and typical participate side by side. Not as a participant with their mentor/coach, but as co-contributors to s greater goal. This aspect has long been one of the most proclaimed features of Zylofone’s programs.
Our never ending goal is to provide an experience that encourages a view beyond perception of oneself and your peers. Therefore, encouraging mutual acceptance and respect.


Daytime, After-school & Weekend Workshops:

Monthly: $100/month/workshop

  • Sign up once per school year
  • Make up missed workshops at any workshop
  • 10% Discount for each additional workshop/sibling
  • 10% Discounts and priority registration/scheduling for FUN Weeks and Parties
  • Refer a friend to get $25 off of for you and your friend

Daily: $30/day/workshop

  • Sign up each week
  • $5 Discount for each additional sibling
  • Refer a friend to get $10 off of for you and your friend

FUN Weeks:

  • $95 per day
  • $425 per week
  • Siblings get 10% off!

Parties at Zylofone:

  • $249 for the basic party package (up to 12 guests)
  • $20 for each additional child
  • $8 per guest for goodie bags

Private Workshops:

  • $75-$100/hour at Zylofone Studios
  • Contact us for services at your home/location
Zylofone 2020 Schedule - Feb Rev

Preschool Jam

Preschool Jam is a fun, safe, and nurturing environment for you child to learn and grow.  Story time, dancing, and instrument play for children ages 2-5.

Music & Movement

Dance and musical activities enabling children of all abilities to strengthen gross and fine motor skills. 

Music & Movement offers the next step for social development and motor skills. The audible environment of music fosters physical movement. The instructor guides participants through a series of activities designed to encourage participation within the group regardless of ability and or limitation(s). Our staff and volunteers use “hand over hand” to promote involvement when necessary. All participants are praised for any degree of participation and involvement. Recognition and praise from piers is recognized and strongly encouraged within the group. Caregivers are free to stay. However, when appropriate enjoy some “me time” at our adjacent café.

Sketch & Song

Discover and develop your hidden talents while learning basic techniques in an array of creative opportunities.

Our Sketch & Song program was developed to provide an opportunity for individuals who have a desire to explore the visual arts. Participants have the opportunity to choose the theme for their creation at the beginning of the workshop. Through the process, the instructor demonstrates an array of processes including adaptive techniques for challenged individuals. Participants are presented with a variety of choices during each project. This selection process provides a sense of individual creativity within the guided environment. Confidence and pride are plentiful as the participant departs with their creation to display to family and friends.

The Rhythmic Arts Project / TRAP

TRAP (The Rhythmic Arts Project) is a comprehensive program offering a variety of subjects addressing various ability levels. TRAP is a program designed to for participants to enjoy the freedom of expression and the joy of learning in a group environment. The instructor walks participants through an array of questions designed to foster comfort and confidence to communicate within and to the group. The accompanying drum provides a comfort that unifies the groups varying abilities. The difficulty of the inquiry is adapted based on the individual’s ability and comfort level. All participants achieve success and gain confidence while developing patience and an appreciation for taking turns.


Zymprov offers a platform that fosters creative freedom and confidence in the individual’s thoughts and abilities.

Zymprov utilizes acting, games, and music and an array of activities to encourage participants to share their skills, talents, and thoughts in a small group environment. It’s OK to be serious. However, silliness is more common and plentiful as individuals discover their comedic skills. The general perception is that this program is more suited to individuals with a passion for acting. Not the case, as we encourage the freedom of expression and independent thinking. The result is the development of confidence that is second to none. 

 Z Bop

Singing and dancing for all ages. Share your thoughts and display your imagination and creativity among piers.

Z Bop offers an inspiring and playful environment that encourages singing and dance to an array of predetermined and or requested songs. Playful props, hats, scarves, instruments, etc. are abundant inspiring all attendees to shed their shell and join the fun.  Attendees perform for and receive feedback from the group in an encouraging and never critical setting.   Humor and silliness are not only accepted, but strongly encouraged.


Who doesn’t enjoy music? Zylofone’s karaoke program provides the opportunity to sing your favorite songs for your piers.

You pick the song, Zylofone provides the rest! Microphones, lights, stage, and a professional PA system. Combine this venue with an array of costumes, playful instruments and props: including hats, scarves, and such to create your personal rendition of your favorite artist. What? Someone asked for your autograph? Tell them “talk to my agent”!

Sensory Play

Come visit our new Sensory Suite. We offer an open environment for free play, including an abundance of sensory items. Yes, we have “The Beam”, our state of the art interactive projection system.

Zylofone’s State of The Art “Tracy Kolkmeyer Sensory Suite offers an array of colorful and playful fixtures, equipment and toys. The environment encourages both individual and group play. Fun is abundant with the opportunity to alter the environmental aspects of the space, including lighting, sound, smell, and such. “The Beam” projection system offers a selection of games encouraging gross and fine motor skills, as well as turn taking, patience, and the development of all social skills.

Theatre production

Join our theatre program and reach for the stars. We will help you display your talents and discover your hidden skills. 

Do you have a thirst for acting and or the performing arts? Our theatre program has a long standing reputation of offering the opportunity to participate in a quality production. All efforts culminating in a series of performances in and around our local area. These include a number of community events such as banquets, and galas for those interested in reaching beyond the normal stage setting. We offer numerous opportunities to participate at various levels. Whether the star, co-star, supporting cast, set design and production, stage crew, or sound team we will provide the opportunity that fits you best. We may “push your boundaries”. However, we will never ask for more than we know you can handle. All with the intention of satisfying your desire, encouraging you to venture beyond your perceived boundaries and providing a successful experience. 

Zummer Fun Weeks

Join the fun and participate in a variety of activities that flow with our changing seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter 

We are truly blessed to be residents of The Hudson Valley. Our local area displays a broad variety of seasonal, climate and colorful changes as we roll through the seasons. Our staff and volunteers guide all participants through an array of programs designed to broaden their awareness and enhance the appreciation for the bounty of our local area. We provide an array of creative and expressive activities including music, karaoke, arts, crafts, dance, theatre, etc. All with the intent of fostering socialization, confidence, as well as a development of value for  themselves and their piers.         

Themed Parties

Select from an array of joyful complete party package. Enjoy your occasion, while our team does all of the work.

We offer a wide variety of fun party themes to choose from. You can enjoy the fun as you and your guests sing your favorite songs during a karaoke party. Our stage setting and array of props and costumes add to the fun and excitement. Select a theme, and pick up a paint brush. Our staff will guide participants through various painting techniques to create a masterpiece to take home and share.  Other themes are available based on our standard programs. However, if you are looking for something different, talk to our party planning team. We will create the theme you want for your celebration            .