Dance and musical activities enabling children of all abilities to strengthen gross and fine motor skills. Music & Movement offers the next step for social development and motor skills. The audible environment of music fosters physical movement. The instructor guides participants through a series of activities designed to encourage participation within the group regardless of ability and or limitation(s). Our staff and volunteers use “hand over hand” to promote involvement when necessary. All participants are praised for any degree of participation and involvement. Recognition and praise from piers is recognized and strongly encouraged within the group. Caregivers are free to stay. However, when appropriate enjoy some “me time” at our adjacent café.


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Music and movement program at Zylofone Studios
Students Singing Karaoke at Zylofone
Music and movement kid sitting a mat Zylofone Studios
Student drumming at Music and Movement at Zylofone
Student singing at zylofone studios
students singing at zylofone studios programs
stednts playing music at zylofone
Students playing music at zylofone music and movement.
teacher and student playing music