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Is this for me?

Is This For Me?


As many of you may have heard, early intervention is key for children with a special need or consideration. Music is a tool that is used widely to teach young children many things....such as life skills, personal space, sharing, social awareness, knowing their ABC's, colors, numbers, weather, days of the week and much more. And the wonderful thing about music and instrument playing is that its FUN!

After School Programs

A great way to finish off a school day...ZYLOFONE music!! A fun and interactive way to join friends or sit and play with instruments, sing on a microphone and/ or dance. Gets all the wiggle worms out of everyones system!!


This is an awkward time for many young adults. They might have trouble connecting to peers (and even adults and small children) Music has a way of making connections and allowing your teen a way to find his "voice" and be creative. We do lots of group playing and individual (one on one) instrumentation and dance as well as obstacle course playing~


If you have or know of an adult with a special need or consideration, you may notice them react to music! Its magical really. At Zylofone, our goal is to bring music and instruments to adults so that they can be creative or just experience music in a safe and fun (and calm) setting. If you have specific goals, such as motivating speech or movement, we will try and meet them. Music is universal and being around it makes all connections possible~

Day-Hab Programs

Something new to introduce to adults in a day-hab program. Music is calming and fun! Whether its singing, dancing, playing with instruments...its a great group activity ....or solo time for being creative....even theater and performance~ Something to look forward to weekly:)

Senior Programs

Time to kick it up, Seniors!! We have music for all different styles and genres. Whether you want to sing, dance, play an instrument or be in a quiet place and feel nostalgic, Zylofone has it all! We offer a musical setting; whether its accommodating a social group or solo time for any senior.