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105th Air National Guard "Young Champions" Ceremony 2017

We had an amazing day at the 105th Stewart Air National Guard Base! We want to thank Sgt. Luis Sandoval, Colonel Denise M. Donnell and Chief Master Sgt. Mark Cozzupoli for inviting our very own Zylofone All Stars to sing at their Family Appreciation Day. Our All Stars were also given awards as the "Young Champions" for 2017. We could not be more proud of them! It was a wonderful day! Congratulations to all of the recipients!!

Thank You!

We would like to thank the Dorothea Leonhardt Fund of Community Foundation of Texas for their generous donation to our Hudson Valley Gives Day!

This donation will help us to purchase much needed supplies for our upcoming workshops. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

"The Music & Movement class brings a lot of joy to our senior residents. It's great for their well-being; mind, body, & spirit. They get physical exercise, singing out their hearts and souls, and music to uplift their spirits. Your selection of music really resonates with the residents. They have a great time!"

Jacqueline Losee/New Windsor Country Inn

"Our family is so appreciative and grateful to Zylofone.
Our son Eric has participated in the Zylofone musical workshops for the past two years.
This past Fall -2014 Eric became "Benny The Beagle". In the Zylofone performance of ARF! The practices and performance gave Eric an opportunity to learn lines, rehearse, practice lines, understand a script, work with a wonderful crew, become confidant and experience performance on stage and more....... In addition, Jason-his older Brother was Eric's dedicated Mentor which was a unique and gratifying experience for both of them. During the actual performance Jason was able to help coach and redirect Eric steering him from a possible meltdown and together they shined on stage!
We thank the wonderful folks/volunteers/mentors and friends we embrace as our Zylofone family. Thanks to these experiences Eric was able to perform in the second grade concert today with pride, a big smile, and he successfully did the show movements too! It was magical.
Today, Eric Orzell was just one of the second graders! No sensory concerns, no barriers! Just a wonderful boy proud to perform!
We are a very proud family and look forward to future Zylofone opportunities!"

The Orzells

"My 11 year old daughter loves Zylofone! The classes have a strong sensory based approach along with lots of one to one interaction which works really well for her. They understand her needs and are able to really connect bringing out her joy through the beauty of music. I highly recommend Zylofone for all children on the spectrum, it is a very special program as unique as they are!"

Karen Schwartz

"Our son Elijah attended his first 6-week session at Zylofone this Winter. When we bring Elijah to his small group class he RUNS excitedly from the car all the way to the door. Upon entering, Zylofone's wonderful staff immediately attend to his toileting training and then bring him into a warm positive space filled with intriguing musical instruments, whereupon they then explore improvisation-ally within the structure of the session. We were particularly impressed by the individualized attention Elijah receives at Zylofone. Since beginning Zylofone our son no longer plugs his ears regularly (over stimulated by sound/hyper-sensitive) and eagerly greets and says goodbye to his new friends at Zylofone. We are looking forward to attending Zylofone for years to come and feel our sons natural musical inclinations and thus his communication skills will be enhanced and nourished by this very special place."

Dena Wolf

What is Zylofone?

Zylofone brings joy and creativity through all aspect of the arts.

What does Zylofone offer?


  Performing Arts
  Voice & Song Writing


  Self Regulation
  Decreased Stress

Our objective is to demonstrate their independence in all practical and social situations in their lives using music and performing arts.

Our staff is CPR / AED certified